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February 27th, 2011  |    Rageneo

King G. (Bio)


King G started rapping back at Erwin Elementary in Lancaster SC and has recently found the true King G.
the GOD within and is about to drop the album SPIRITUAL WARRIOR to show the world!.
This is basic hip-hop with a strong gospel feel!! I will keep you all updated on the album and up coming shows!!! Check me out on myspace at G’s music is Aired on Rageneo’s Internet Radio Station Kings Level 3 Radio.

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February 20th, 2011  |    Rageneo

King Mora (Bio)

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King Mora is a Reggaeton/Latin/Cumbia artist from Charlotte NC.

 I was born on January 12, 1982 in Veracruz, Mexico.

 I have been in & around the music business for almost ten years and I really like what I do (more…)

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February 13th, 2011  |    Rageneo

Jimmie Deals (Bio)

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Life-long member of the Surkus Clique, Jimmie Deals is a Lancaster South Carolina veteran to the streets and the games played in those streets. Currently rolling with Fi-Water Music & DiamondStiClick, Jimmie Deals is taking the Rap Game by storm with that realife/party music.Jimmie Deals music is Aired on Rageneo’s Internet Radio Station Kings Level 3 Radio.

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February 6th, 2011  |    Rageneo

Charles Clark (Bio)

Charles Clark

Charles Clark was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia on August 10.
He was raised in a single-parent home which at an early age taught him independence and will-power.
One of his early accomplishments was winning “Virginia Idol” which is an event similar to American Idol.
Charles had so much determination that he didn’t make it the 1st time so he came back the 2nd time and won, winning a car, and the chance to open for the late R&B group Frankie Beverly and Maze. He also has had appearances on national television being on Showtime at the Apollo located in Harlem, New York, and honoring America and the USA Track & Field Team by singing the National Anthem for the NFL Colts. Charles Clark success and passion for music continue to prosper; he has performed with international recording artists such as R&B star Carl Thomas, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, and Trina. Charles also has established his own business being owner of the music company entitled Up Up & Away Music which through these months has built strong relationship with producers who have worked with Pitbull, Diddy, Keri Hilson, Brisco, Pleasure P, Gorilla Zoe. Unsigned, Charles Clark has made historically moments, he is currently set to release his first solo album entitled Love Scale, in October 2010. At a young age Charles’s mother instilled the significance of education. He 12th grade year at Bayside High, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, He was granted the opportunity sign with J Records which he later turned down to attend school. Now in his senior at Florida State University with above a 3.0 GPA, where he will be the first in his family to obtain a college degree, he is soaring to be the next BIG R&B SUPERSTAR. With his accomplishments has a USA Track & Field Runner keeps him in the mind set of being a winner. His songs have been played all around the World from radio stations in London, California; 103 jams in Virginia Beach, VA and 90.5 in Tallahassee, Florida and now rained the #1 song on a Phoenix, Arizona radio station for six consecutive weeks and going. I was told that no one has ever held the #1 spot on this radios station for this long.Charles Clark’s music is Aired on Rageneo’s Internet Radio Station Kings Level 3 Radio..

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