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June 5th, 2010  |    Rageneo

Bri (Bio)

BRI (pic)

What’s the recipe for success? Mix the powerful and passionate vocals of Beyonce, the trendsetting fashions of Rihanna and the creativity of Prince.
Blend it well. Then add the dance moves of Ciara and the entertainment of Janet.
Let it marinade for 16 years and what do you get?
The hottest and most talented songstress to hit the airways since the new millennium rocked our world…Briana ‘Bri’ Cornelius.
Born and raised in Virginia Beach area, this phenomenon has been brewing with talent since the age of 3. Her humble beginnings are rooted in gospel music and she has established a repertoire that spans concerts, plays, live performances and recordings. With the support of her family, Bri patterned her musical abilities after her icon Prince by learning to play 4 instruments: bass guitar, piano, guitar, and upright bass. She’s an outstanding performer and entertainer with dance skills in hip-hop, ballet, tap & jazz. Bri has even crossed musical boundaries by singing her own rendition of Clay Aikens’ song Invisible on Walt Disney Records album “Radio Disney Chart Toppers”. Her current endeavors are being developed by multi-platinum, Grammy nominated production powerhouse, TeamMusicGroup, LLC., who producers have worked with Destiny Child, Madonna, Missy Elliot, Notorious B.I.G, Ashanti, Mel B(SpiceGirls), Ruben Studdard and Black Street, just to name a few.
Pop and R&B haven’t seen a young sensation of this caliber since the likings of Alicia Keys and Britney Spears. Destined to be a global icon, Briana ‘Bri’ Cornelius is a throwback to the old school standards embodying the passion, talent, creativity and fashion that launched many careers as well as having the inspiration needed to create new classic material that will last for years to come.Bri’s music is now on Rageneo’s Internet Radio Station Kings Level 3 Radio.

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June 2nd, 2010  |    Rageneo

The Legend Of Xero (Bio)

Xero(Pic.) #2

The Legend of XERO (Pronounced “Zero”) is the story of 1 man’s transformation and quest for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and Love.
The journey becomes more spiritual than he bargains for as an internal battle rages both within him and in the heavens that surround.
The Legend of XERO is based on the human heart.
All of the songs are written to create a feeling of nostalgia and understanding, allowing the listener to voyage into the mind of the main character, XERO. He is referred to as a character because the whole series of music and stories are based on several personal journeies that transports the main character from our world to the realm of Spiritual Warfare. It is a symbolic journey of a Christian’s life. The project started in 2003 with a very experimental style that has grown and continues today, called NEO.
Neo is:
A Hybridiztion of Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop using methods, elements and samples intended for Electronic or Industrial music. Such styles can carry a term like “Electronic-Pop” or “Industrial-Hip Hop”. The term Neo implies that the structure of the music is a new approach to an established portrayal of the original style. Such styles usually involve several styles or sub-genres of music in one song.
Instead of using a term like “techno-pop with electric guitars” (Neo-Rock) or “R&B Dance music with an electronic twist” (Neo-Pop), just use to word Neo.
The Legend of XERO will be futher specifying the Genre as Neo-Worship, Neo-Rock and of coarse Neo-Pop. The total sum of The Legend of XERO experience is epic, emotional, intriguing, mysterious and enlightening.Xero’s music is now on Rageneo’s Internet Radio Station Kings Level 3 Radio.

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