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November 24th, 2009  |    Rageneo

Mr. Rampage

Mr. Rampage

Mr. Rampage
1. Dallas, Texas – Chris Jackson, a.k.a. Mr. Rampage, is a solo hip hop/rap artist who’s making his mark in the music industry. The process of creating music is just an uplifting experience for him. He is able to express himself in a way that just can’t be explained. He describes the felling in only a few words; “Music is my soul man….Music is my world”.
Mr. Rampage also labels his music as street music. Understandably so, due to the raw energy that comes out of the presentation. His vocals and the sound itself is urban rap which has a texture and feel all its’ own. Very enjoyable to listen to.
Mr. Rampage has opened for 8Ball, M.J.G. and Lil KE KE. He is also very busy writing and recording for his upcoming CD. This CD has a southern feel to it – yet another creative move on his part. No dates on it’s completion yet. “I would like to make an impact in the music industry by consistently making good and entertainment music.”
To listen or purchase Mr. Rampage’s songs please log onto
For additional information, please contact his PR firm:
A & R Select West Hollywood, Ca. 323-924-5897
Re-Viewed by A&R dept
Music Comments: Rampage bangs out a fresh, instrumentally sound take on his new Ep called “Recognize”. Phat hip hop chops play alongside the badass keyboard on the 1st (RECOGNIZE) track and things get crazy from there. Fierce street wise language plays hard on the 7th track, complementing the synth-heavy backdrop and rhymes throughout this epic cd. There are well thought out joints, full of crisp backbeats and interesting vocals. We look forward to more of where these came from. Mr. Rampage’s music is on Rageneo’s Internet Radio Station Kings Level 3 Radio.

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November 19th, 2009  |    Rageneo

raY’mond (Artist Bio)

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Born in the suburbs of Nashville, TN, raY’mond found a love for singing at a young age.

 Soon thereafter those that were closest to him started to see the ability the he harnessed.

 But it was not until 13 years of age that he wrote and recorded is first song in a small studio. (more…)

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November 17th, 2009  |    Rageneo

Golden Boy (Artist Bio)

Golden Boy(Heya dancehall)
Golden Boy (Fospassin) is the ultimate singer/songwriter for the 21st century music lover. Great artist, he is a hero in pop and the new way hip hop with world music. Originally, he incorporates a wide range of influences that makes his songs unique. (more…)

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November 14th, 2009  |    Rageneo

Timothy Cross (Bio)

Timothy Cross

Timothy Cross (Artist Bio) Born June 24, 1977, this Dallas, Tx. native is destined to change the face of Rap as we know it. “I wrote my first rhyme back in the fourth grade”, he laughs, “It was only four lines though”. From that point on, he says, he was “hooked”. I began to understand more about him as he explained the reason behind his deep connection to the genre. “I was an outcast in school. Though everybody knew me, I wasn’t with the ‘in crowd’ or ‘click’. I tried my best to fit in, but I was always different. That’s why I related to rap music so much”, he explains. “You see, back then, Rap was rebellious, edgy: unique…ya know? It didn’t sound or feel like any other genre of music I’d ever heard before. So I connected instantly, because when I listened to it or wrote it, those feelings of lonliness and rejection went away.” However, he’s not just a skilled lyricist. When you listen to the music, you’ll find he’s also a musician. “I play the piano and drums by ear,” he says with all humility. “I would hear a theme song to a T.V. show and run to the piano and play what I heard all of the time. I was about four years old when it started happening.” He has a raw talent for music and writing. His style is unique from any rap you’ve heard heretofore. When asked about the origin of his creativity, I was surprised(yet enlightened) by his reply. “Honestly, my creativity comes from God”, he says with boldness. “It’s impossible for me to take the credit for music God gives me in dreams while I’m asleep” he says. “It all comes from God: the great orchestrator. I hear music in dreams, all during the day: I hear it in my head right now. It’s just a God-Given Gift.” Though Some will (no doubt) label him a Gospel Rapper, he says he’s far from it. “I’m not a Gospel Rapper,” he smiles briefly, then explains, “…but I’m not a Gangster Rapper either. I can’t even Label what God’s doing through me. I’m just chosen.” He’s right. When you listen to this music, complemented by his unique voice, and compare it to the predictable, boring, and meaningless Rap you hear all over the radio stations, you’ll get a refreshing feeling. It restores lost love for the Rap Genre, which undoubtedly seems to be going down hill. However, there are so many feelings to describe his style: Spiritual, uplifting, thought- provoking, motivating; Real. He doesn’t hide behind his music. In fact, the one thing that separates him from Gospel Rap is his ability to be transparent through his lyrics. “You’ll learn a lot about me if you pay attention to my lyrics, because that’s the way I open up to you. I talk about my struggles, weaknesses, fears, frustrations: I tell it all. I’ve never felt like I could completely open up to anyone. Especially now, since I’m a christian” he says. “That’s why I’m so transparent when I write. Music has always been my best friend. It has always acceped me and allowed to be real without fear of rejection. It taught me being different is a good thing: how to celebrate my uniqueness.” he says. “I see God’s Love for me through the gifts he’s given me.” When asked if he was the next big thing since 2 Pac, he gave a sincere, honest, and humble reply. “I ‘m not trying to take over the rap game. I’m not trying to sound, act, or rap like any who’ve come before me. God wants to do a new thing in me. This is his project, his purpose, and his message to his people. I’ve been chosen as his instrument. Whatever his plan is, whatever he wants to do through me, that’s fine with me” he explains. “I have a deep Respect and Admiration for those who’ve paved the way. I look at it like this: Rap is a Blank Canvas on which every artist paints his or her own picture” he says. “I’ve been chosen by God to paint a different picture; to reveal a different side of rap and touch the lives of his people through my own confession. That’s what the album is all about” he says, “My walk with Jesus: The journel of my journey-step by step.”Timothy Cross music is on Rageneo’s Internet Radio Station Kings Level 3 Radio.

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November 10th, 2009  |    Rageneo

Brotha Minista (Bio)

Brotha Minista (Bio)
This young artist Brotha Minista was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. He currently attends New Providence Baptist Church where he rededicated his life to Jesus Christ and also is the place where he married his beautiful wife. From that point on in his life he has been Blessed with 5 wonderful children . Brotha Minista is an extremely talented fellow. (more…)

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